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PCNA Annual Conference

April 22, 2015

Jelly Belly Factory Event Center, Fairfield, CA

9:30 AM      Registration and Morning Snacks

10:00          Conference Begins

10:10          Keynote Speaker - Dr. Kevin Sawchuk, Neurologist, Kaiser Permanente,

                  Walnut Creek, CA

11:10          Break

11:20          Interactive Activity

NOON         LUNCH

12:50PM     Presentation by Blood Source

1:30            Dr. Jeffrey Ralph, Neurologist, UC-San Francisco

2:30            Closing Announcements and Door Prizes

3:00            Adjournment

Watch for information about exhibitors

Click Here for Flyer and call in to RSVP and pay at the door.  

Registration must be received by April 14, 2015





24 Hours to Give Where Your Heart Is

BIG Day of Giving is an initiative to increase philanthropy. The effort is brought to you by GiveLocalNow and in 2014 it was ranked #2 in the nation.

Last year we raised $2,225.00

Our 2015 goal: $5,000.00


The 2015 BIG Day of Giving will take place from midnight to midnight on Tuesday, May 5, 2015. For those 24 hours, online donations will be accepted through www.bigdayofgiving.org with a goal to inspire and unite our PCNA/WNA members and supporters.


Donations made at bigdayofgiving.org on May 5 will be eligible for a boost from Incentive Pool funds and will help us win additional prizes. 


Shop Online With iGive

Whenever you buy the perfect gift for your loved ones at an iGive store, The Pacific Chapter of The Neuropathy feels the love because every purchase means a donation. You can also take advantage of the best Deals & Coupons the web has to offer, or stock up on Gift Cards for those hard-to-buy-for folks on your list! (Need your gift in a hurry? Check out our In-Store Pick-Up category with stores that allow you to order online and pick it up in the store and still earn a donation for your cause!)

March 2015 PCNA Newsletter 

Click here to read open and read the below articles

  • Major Pain Medication Breakthrough At U.C. Davis Medical Center
  • PCNA/WNA Support Groups
  • President's Message
  • PN Literature Review
  • Obituary: Martha Chandley, Early Neuropahty Group Leader
  • Medicine Chest Survey
  • PCNA Contributors
  • Annual Conference Registration Form & Information



Interview with Dominick Spatafora – Founder and President of Neuropathy Action Foundation

Hear his compelling and personal story about how his experiences and challenges in seeking care for his neuropathy developed into his, now strong, advocacy organization.

Doctor/Patient Relationships  Featuring - Lt. Col. Gene Richardson

The presenter discusses doctor/patient relationships and how to unlock doors when your working with your doctor. 

Patients Helping Patients Featuring - Lt. Col. Gene Richardson

The presenter discusses the principles and goals for patients helping patients.

Neuropathy: It may be the most common disease you've never heard of!

Do your hands or feet feel like they:

  • Are numb, burning or freezing?
  • Have stinging, stabbing or shooting pains?
  • Are wearing gloves or stockings when they are not?
  • Do you have muscle weakness or coordination problems?

Do you feel like your internal organs don't function properly?

If so, you may have peripheral neuropathy (PN).

The Pacific Chapter of the Neuropathy Association (PCNA) is committed to assisting you and providing hope through caring, support, research, education, and empowerment. Please explore our website to learn about neuropathy, find resources, and locate a support group that can help you.

The PCNA is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization. Please consider supporting us through your membership, service, and finances.

The importance of hope

Neuropathy can seem like a hopeless disease because there is no cure. Often the treatment of symptoms is ineffective or erratic. Most of us have been assured that the condition will only get worse which is not always true. We also can suffer from dismissive or uninformed doctors or others in our lives who don't understand the extent of the difficulties we face.

We all need hope. PCNA is dedicated to providing it.

Hope is so important that the Pacific Chapter of the Neuropathy Association considers it our primary purpose, providing "hope through caring, support, research, education, and empowerment."

Education is essential. People--including doctors--need to know more about neuropathy. Given the number of people who have the disease, we want it to be as well known as some of the central nervous system diseases, such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease. We will get there with your support.

The PCNA is committed to informing people about neuropathy. This includes health care professionals, government officials, insurance personnel, and others in positions of influence. We also help our members to be their own best advocates.

Hope through caring is provided by our support groups. We have more than 40 support groups that are either going strong or getting underway. People can share experiences, discuss treatments that help them, receive valuable information from knowledgeable speakers, and assist each other. If there isn't one in your area and you would like to help us start one, contact PCNA president Bev Anderson at info@pnhelp.org.

Explore our website. Find hope.

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