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Ways to Support the WNA

The WNA is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization. We rely on our members, associates, and supporters to accomplish our mission, to provide that hope.

If you believe in what we do, here's how to help.

Become a Member

Becoming a member is the most important thing you can do if you believe in the mission of the WNA. Your very reasonable dues helps support the organization, and shows leaders the need for attention to this disease.  You are not required to attend a support group, live in our area, or have neuropathy to become a member.

Help Lead a Support Group

Our goal over the next several years is to have enough support groups established in our service areas (California, Nevada, and Oregon) so that no one has to drive more than 50 miles to attend a group. Highly populated areas will have multiple groups.  You can assist by helping an existing group or helping to start a new group. Whatever course you choose, we have materials and resources to assist you. Contact us or your local group to find out how you can help.

Aid the Board

Our board is looking for additional members with a willingness to contribute their time and talent to directing this organization.

Even if you don't want to serve on the board, your skills are still needed. Can you edit a newsletter, update a website, help a group get started, reach out to the health care community, make calls to members about upcoming meetings, stuff envelopes or prepare folders?  We sure could use your assistance.

We also are starting to form committees of people to address specific needs. These committees are formed to tackle a specific project or address a particular need, and do not require the ongoing commitment needed for being on the board.  Let us know of areas in which you can assist so that we may contact you for involvement.

Finally, we have advisory members who lend their expertise in a particular subject. For example, we have doctors of various types, people with political connections, and those specializing in publicity or fundraising. Think about ways your knowledge could be of use.

Please contact us to let us know the areas in which you can assist.

Contribute Financially

Our board, committee members, advisory members, and support group leaders labor hard and donate precious time and talent to the WNA. Still, there are expenses that need to be met, especially if we want to reach our strategic plan goals. There are so many organizations that ask for your money, so many needs. We also ask that if you have funds you can spare and you believe in what we do, please help us out by donating.

If you prefer, you may send a check to the WNA, PO Box 276567, Sacramento, CA 95827. You can download the donation form to enclose with your check.


$250 helps establish a new support group
$100 prints and mails 100 copies of the newsletter
$75 pays for three months of our toll-free line
$50 helps a local support group for six months
$25 prints 200 copies of our brochure
$15 supports our website for a month


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