Western Neuropathy Association

Hope through caring, support, research, education, and empowerment

The WNA is a non-profit, public benefit 501(c)3 corporation. We rely on the financial support of our members and others who support our work to fund what we do. Contributions and dues are tax-deductible according to law.

Our board, committee members, advisory members, and support group leaders work diligently and donate precious time and talent to the WNA. But we still have organizational, operational, and programmatic expenses. The success of implementing our strategic plan and reaching our vision to make neuropathy a household term depend upon increasing our revenue. 

We know there are many organizations that ask for your money; so many needs in these challenging times. Please give serious consideration to supporting our important efforts.


$250 helps establish a new support group
$100 prints and mails 100 copies of the newsletters
$75 pays for three months of our toll-free line
$50 helps a local support group for six months
$25 prints 200 copies of our brochure
$10 supports our website for a month


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