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Hope through caring, support, research, education, and empowerment

Why is membership important?

Simply put, numbers matter. People in positions of influence--government officials, health care providers, insurance companies--care about the size of a constituency. Saying there are several million people with neuropathy in California is important, but more important is being able to demonstrate that we have a growing and committed membership who know about the disease and care about how decisions affect their lives. We become powerful as we unite together. Your WNA membership matters greatly.

The WNA is a California non-profit, tax-exempt corporation. Our mission is to provide hope through caring, support, research, education, information, and empowerment to people with peripheral neuropathy and those who care about them. We help inform and connect with the health care community and support research in peripheral neuropathy treatment. Anyone can attend support group meetings, but we encourage people to join our organization. Click here to find a support group near you.

Members receive:

  • Information and support, including our website and toll-free number
  • Monthly informative newsletter
  • Financial assistance to local support groups - the heart of our association
  • Discounts at some businesses
  • Hope and support

Annual dues are $30 ... less than one cup of coffee per month.

If you are a member of the health care community, or anyone else who wishes to support our organization, you can also choose to join as a Member-at-Large or a Professional Member.

To join with a check, you may view and download our Membership Application as a PDF file, and follow the instructions on it. You may also join or renew online. You may pay with most credit cards, or choose to send a check along with a membership form/application.

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