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Below are links to organizations and articles that may help you understand and deal with peripheral neuropathy.  Be sure to look at our internal document center as well, as there is a wealth of great information there as well. 

KAHI Interview

Bev Anderson speaks on A Time for Seniors with Candice Roeder

WNA (then NCCNA) President Bev Anderson was interviewed by KAHI 950 AM A Time for Seniors host Candice Roeder on September 5, 2008.  She discussed the symptoms of neuropathy, actions to take, resources available, and what the WNA offers. You may download the MP3 file of this informative interview by right-clicking here and selecting "Save Target As."

Please note:  In the interview, Bev mentions two support groups in Auburn.  This is no longer accurate.  Please see our support group page for current information.

Our thanks to KAHI for permission to use this material.


The Neuropathy Action Foundation

The Neuropathy Action Foundation (NAF) is committed to educating the public about neuropathy and to helping neuropathy patients obtain access to medications and treatments.

California Health Advocates

This non-profit organization independent non-profit organization is dedicated to Medicare beneficiary advocacy and education for Californians. A key benefit they provide is the Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program (HICAP), which provides free counseling to Medicare recipients, helping them understand their rights and plan options.

American Diabetes Association

Though diabetes is only one cause of neuropathy, about half of all diabetics have some sort of nerve damage. Check out the association's overview and other helpful aids on neuropathy.


Medline Plus (a service of the US National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health) overview of peripheral neuropathy.  This is a very thorough piece with links to other articles that have more information on many of the topics discussed.


Click here for a listing of books/resources.

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