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The Western Neuropathy Association is pleased to offer the following DVDs to help people learn more about neuropathy and related subjects. We will continue to develop more selections, so check back periodically to see what is new.

Each of our support groups receives a copy of our DVDs. They may elect to show one at a meeting, or to have it available for members to borrow.  Check with your local support group for their procedures.

If you would like your own copy of a DVD, or a CD of its soundtrack, you may order online using the buttons below, or, if you prefer, you may complete our order form and pay by check.

Our video program has been made possible through the generous gifts of WNA member Bill Heisinger, which have enabled us to purchase our video camera, DVD duplicator and printer, and related equipment. We are also grateful to our speakers, who have permitted us to record and distribute their presentations, and to the Neuropathy Action Foundation, which has let us record at the Neuropathy Action Awareness Day events.


Interview with Dominick Spatafora – Founder and President of Neuropathy Action Foundation
Hear his compelling and personal story about how his experiences and challenges in seeking care for his neuropathy developed into his, now strong, advocacy organization.

Doctor/Patient Relationships  Featuring - Lt. Col. Gene Richardson

The presenter discusses doctor/patient relationships and how to unlock doors when your working with your doctor. 

Patients Helping Patients Featuring - Lt. Col. Gene Richardson

The presenter discusses the principles and goals for patients helping patients.

Video List

  • Gentle Yoga  *BESTSELLER*
  • Dr. Ezekiel Fink on Small Fiber Neuropathy
  • Spring Meeting 2010 with a great pain overview & Tai Chi
  • Spring Meeting 2010 special material
  • Spring Meeting 2009
  • Neuropathy Action Awareness Day 2009 #1
  • Neuropathy Action Awareness Day 2009 #2
  • Neuropathy Action Awareness Day 2009 #3
  • Dr. Peter Skaff  *POPULAR*
  • Dr. Jeffrey Ralph

dvd_yoga1.jpgGentle Yoga

Mae Denman, a certified yoga teacher with a studio in West Sacramento, and WNA Board Member Emeritus and West Sacramento group leader Sandra Vinson team up to offer a private session of gentle yoga designed specifically for people with peripheral neuropathy and other physical challenges. After a brief explanation of how and why yoga works, they go through a variety of easy exercises designed to facilitate breathing and easierGentle Yoga moving. Mae does not believe in the “no pain, no gain” philosophy. She understands the needs of people with disabilities, and her techniques are healthy and helpful.

This DVD features 43 separate exercises, each of which has been marked as a chapter on the DVD menu. That way, viewers can easily go directly to any exercise desired, or repeat it as much as they’d like. The DVD also features demonstrations by both Mae and Sandra of the “daily dozen,” a collection of exercises for starting and ending the day. An WNA Production.

Dr. Ezekiel Fink—Small Fiber Neuropathy: Answering the Burning Questions

Dr. Ezekiel Fink, a UCLA neurologist specializing in pain management, presents an excellent overview of neuropathy, its causes, diagnosis, and treatment, with an emphasis on small fiber neuropathy (SFN), recorded at Shriners Hospital October 2009. This informative presentation contrasts small fiber neuropathy with large fiber, and explains new diagnostic techniques that can help neurologists determine the nature of the neuropathy so that the core issue may be treated. An NCCNA Production.

dvd_reinking2.jpgAnnual Spring Meeting 2010

An WNA Production

Dr. Jeffrey Reinking—Neuropathic Regimens: Reflections on Eye of Newt and Toe of Frog
Dr. Reinking, Director of the Auburn Pain Rehabilitation Medical Clinic, gives a comprehensive overview of pain, discussing how pain affects the body, the need for pain control, how pain medications work, and addictions and other concerns. One audience member said she gain more understanding from hearing this presentation than she had from many such presentations in the past.

Dominick Spatafora—Neuropathy Action Foundation Activities
The Neuropathy Action Foundation President talks about some of the NAF's latest activities and gives a preview of the 2010 Neuropathy Action Awareness Day.

dvd_stiles.jpgTara Stiles—Tai Chi & Chi Kung
Instructor Tara Stiles leads a session of Chi Kung and Tai Chi movements. These gentle motions facilitate better breathing and movement.

Bonus: Bev Anderson Gets Her Due
WNA President Bev Anderson receives and award and a special gift.

Annual Spring Meeting 2010—Special Material

This DVD features the presentation of the 2009 Annual Report, Bev's award, and an important discussion about the future of the WNA. Members who are interested in what is happening with our association may request this DVD for free, though we would greatly appreciate any donation to cover our costs. A WNA Production.

dvd_furukawa.jpgAnnual Spring Meeting 2009

A WNA Production

Dr. Ken Furukawa
Dr. Ken Furukawa, Associate Clinical Professor of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine for the UC Davis Health System, stood in for the original speaker.  He has worked extensively in pain management practice and research, and covered aspects of pain management, including the roles and effects of various treatments.
dvd_dominick-09.jpgDominick Spatafora
Dominick Spatafora, President of Neuropathy Action Foundation, shared his testimony about how the denial of insurance coverage for his needed IVIG treatments prompted him to found the organization, and he also gave a preview of what to expect at the Third Annual Neuropathy Action Awareness Day that June.

Neuropathy Action Awareness Day 2009 # 1—Afternoon Speakers

An WNA Production

dvd_cushing.jpgMims Cushing
Author of You Can Cope with Peripheral Neuropathy: 365 Tips for Living a Full Life
In her lively presentation, “You CAN Cope with Peripheral Neuropathy,” Mims presents ten key ways to handle the challenges of neuropathy and other tough situations.

Jen Seda, MD
Director of US Product Management, Talecris Biotherapeutics
Dr. Seda explains how “Good Immune Systems Go Bad in Neuropathy,” using military metaphors that tell why it can sometimes feel like one is losing the battle.

Michelle Vogel MPA
Partner, Washington Strategic Consulting
In “Understanding Your Health Insurance,” Michelle discusses why you must “never let your health insurance lapse,” the necessity of reading your policy, and other key elements of dealing with health insurance. Even with recent policy changes, this information is still critical.

Margaret Reilly
Program Manager, Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program (HICAP)
Margaret Reilly tell us how we can be “Championing Healthcare Rights For Yourself and Others,” discussing various rights people with different policies have, and where to turn to for help. Another critical discussion.

Neuropathy Action Awareness Day 2009 # 2—Afternoon Duos

An WNA Production

Eric I. Hassid, MD and Marco Vespignani, ND
Institute for Restorative Health, Davis, California
These two colleagues team up to explore “Alternative Options in Treating Neuropathy.”

Todd Levine, MD
Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center and Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Arizona

dvd_wolfe.jpgGil I. Wolfe, MD, FAAN
Dr. Bob and Jean Smith Foundation Distinguished Chair Professor of Neurology, UT Southwestern Medical School

Doctors Wolfe and Levine give an important foundation of facts as they teach “Neuropathy 101 for Patients.”

Bonus Features
California State Senator Leland Yee shares a few words.

Martha Chandley receives the “You Are Our Hero” award and shares some

Neuropathy Action Awareness Day 2009 # 3—Evening Speakers

A WNA Production

Jeffrey Ralph, MD
Assistant Clinical Professor, University of California, San Francisco
Dr. Ralph instructs the audience on “Neuropathy 101 for the General Public.”

Jonathan Katz, MD
Chief of Neuromuscular Services at California Pacific Medical Center
Dr. Katz examines “Appropriate Decisions in Neuropathy Treatment.”

Bonus Features
California Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi and California State Senator Leland Yee share a few words.

Claudia Foutz, Neuropathy Action Foundation Secretary, kicks off the dinner, presents Bev Anderson to say a few words about the WNA, and gives the “You Are Our Hero” awards to Martha Chandley and Diane Spatafora.

Dr. Jeffrey Ralph—A Review of Peripheral Neuropathy

This presentation by Dr. Jeffrey Ralph, neurologist and Director of the UC San Francisco Neuropathy Center, was made in October 2005 and professional recorded by Channel 28 Productions and the Golden Rain Foundation. DVD Item # RALPH1005D. CD Item # RALPH1005C.

Dr. Peter Skaff—Peripheral Neuropathy:  What It Is and What Can Be Done About It

This Sacramento-area neurologist spoke at the Eskaton Village in Fair Oaks in September 2008.  DVD Item # SKAFF0908D. CD Item # SKAFF0908C.

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