Western Neuropathy Association

Hope through caring, support, research, education, and empowerment

WNA Mission

Our mission is to:

  • provide hope, support, information, and referral to people with neuropathy and to those who care about them,
  • to inform and connect with the health care community, and
  • to support research.

WNA Vision

Our vision is to:

  • help every neuropathy sufferer live a more abled and pain free life, and
  • make neuropathy and its symptoms highly recognized in order to ensure that the necessary resources are utilized towards finding remedies and possibly a cure to ease the pain and suffering of those afflicted with neuropathy.

Strategies to Support Implementing Our Mission and Reaching Our Vision

Strengthen the Organizational Structure

  • Recruit a nine-member working Board of Directors.
  • Establish a professional headquarters office with paid administrative staffing.
  • Develop a support group in every population center in California. Our goal is that no member will have to drive more than 50 miles to attend.
  • Recruit and mentor at least two leadership team members in each support group: leader and secretary-treasurer.
  • Provide training and mentoring to support group leaders.

Be an Invaluable Source of Information to Members

  • Conduct an annual meeting and mini-medical conference.
  • Provide information and support through teleconferences. 
  • Offer help through an 800 toll-free number.
  • Facilitate the sharing of neuropathy remedies amongst the members.

Enhance Marketing and Communications Outreach

  • Utilize technology to more frequently, inexpensively, and efficiently share information.
  • Revise, redesign, and enhance our website and printed materials.
  • Develop materials for and distribute to the health care community.
  • Foster positive media relations.
  • Launch a public event such as a walk-a-thon to garner significant publicity about neuropathy and its sufferers.

Strengthen the Organization's Financial Position

  • Increase the membership annually by 25 percent.
  • Design an easy-to-use website online donation feature.
  • Identify and solicit major sponsors and funders.
  • Conduct two annual fundraising campaigns (direct mail and electronic).
  • Research and respond to grant opportunities.

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